We believe in transparency and doing everything we can to help out our community. That’s why our giving model looks the way it does. You get to choose if you want your gift to go back into the community, support the ministry, or both. Every gift not specifically designated, and weekend offerings go into the Community Account. We partner with two global charities (World Orphans and Charity Water) and one local charity (Freedom Builders) to help make a difference in the world around us. We also have a designated benevolent fund for needs within the community and a fund for special projects to help the community locally. To give to our community account, simply select the “community” account when you give.

We run an efficient ship at Restoration Church. Our overhead account consists of salaries, marketing, technology, etc. Everything that is an administrative cost or helps run the church comes out of this account. Various generous individuals and a couple fundraisers every year help shape the budget and provide the resources necessary to run Restoration Church on a daily basis. If you’re interested in becoming a Restoration supporter, simply select the “overhead” account when you give. 

Financial Transparency

We’re an open book at Restoration Church. But we’ll take it a bit further and just open the book up for you, even if you didn’t ask! Transparency is the first word in our mission statement and we want to make sure we live by that. Below is a generic breakdown for the previous month and a to-date giving total.

October Report

Because of your generous donations, we were able to send out $675.55 to each of our ministry partners and our benevolent and community project funds. That brings the total to $3,377.79 donated to our Community Account in October! 

General giving to our overhead also continues to hold steady, and had a slight increase overall in our Overhead Account. God continues to bless Restoration Church financially and we want to celebrate these incredible milestones with you! THANK YOU for your generous giving to the Vision of People Following Jesus and the Mission of Transparency, Community, and Change! 

All time total (since September 2020) Given To Our Community 


Current Year (September 2021 to now) Given To Our Community