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Walk That Walk

If you read through chapter 5 of Genesis, you notice something:Adam lived 930 years.Seth lived 912 years.Enosh lived 905 years.Kenan lived 910 years.And so on…Point is, all of these guys…
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Are You Bitter or Better?

“Are you bitter or better?” It’s something my dad used to say often. The idea being that everything that happens in our lives can make us bitter. But those very…
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Are We Impulse Buying?

This might sound like an overstatement, but I promise it’s not: Chapter 3 of Genesis changes the entire trajectory of the human race. It’s that important. Because of chapter 3,…
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Take A Break, Or Something Will Break On You

Do you enjoy giving gifts more than you enjoy receiving them? If so, there’s a reason for that. It’s because it makes us feel complete and whole. That feeling comes…

Why Are We Here? It’s Simple, Really.

“Why are we here?” Do you ever think about that question? Maybe you grew up in the Church and your answer is locked and loaded. Or maybe you haven’t really…