Church. Different.

We meet in a brewery. We have no rent or utility costs. 100% of your donation on a weekend service not specifically marked for our overhead account goes directly back into the community both globally and locally. It’s our desire to meet the needs of the community right where the community is. Come check us out. We’re right where you are.

Sundays at 10:30am

Every Sunday during our service, our mini's gather together to do a craft or activity and relate the message to them at their level.

What Matters

Jesus is the One Thing – it’s always been about Him. He is our anchor, our rock, and our cornerstone. His blood redeemed us, his resurrection rescued us. This is all about and to Him, our Rescuer.

The Word Matters – Scripture is our guide and resource. Inside it shows the greatest love story ever told, reuniting the world to Jesus. We learn it, apply it’s teaching to our lives and share it with others.

The Gathering Matters – We gather together weekly to encourage one another, sing to our maker, and learn from His word. It’s not about the place. It’s always about the Rescuer and His people.

People Matter – We serve our butts off. Not just as door greeters and ushers during a weekend service, but to the poor and needy. To the homeless shelters and the food banks. To the orphans and the widows. To the world around us. All to make HIM known.

You Matter – Jesus told us that we should love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and love others as we love ourselves. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your beliefs are, you matter, and you are loved.

Words Matter – Sticks and stones certainly can break bones, but words pierce the heart. We are called to lift one another up, hold each other accountable and seek unity. The way we use our words builds or destroys a culture.

Community Matters – Going through life alone sucks. Going through life with other people makes life suck less. God gave us each other to lean on and to learn from. God gave us groups to be a part of and share our joys and struggles with

Vulnerability Matters – When we are vulnerable with God and with each other, we can experience breakthrough and freedom. Getting closer to Jesus means getting open with ourselves.